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Pawsindia Pop N’ Play Interactive Motion Cat Toy


Keep your cat entertained with Pop N Play. Kitty’s sporadic motorized ‘peek a boo’ play keeps her mentally and physically stimulated, keeping her entertained. Cats of all ages will like Pop-N-Play because it will activate their natural hunting instincts. It comes with a replaceable mouse and feather toys for unlimited play. The distinctive style is perfect for entertaining one or more cats. They can play and pounce from every aspect, making it the ideal hangout for all of your furry friends.

Category: Product ID: 15373


Pet toy type: Exercise Toy
Target Species: Cat
Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes
Brand: Pawsindia
Recommended Uses For Product: Self Play
Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor
Colour: Green
Material: Plastic
Pattern: Toy
Model Name: PI-Pop-N-Play-Pk1


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